Eastern PartnershEEp

Posted: Նոյեմբերի 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sheep is an animal which is very popular especially when it comes to sacrifices!
Today I was participating in a conferance dedicated to Eastern Partnership programm and perspectives of Armenian in the scope of this program and guesse what, I had a total impression that especially thanks to our officials who deal with this program, our people are going to become sheep for sacrifice once again.
I mean it’s all cool to cooperate with europe and any othe geopolitical power who may provide us with perspective of prosperity or at lerast won’t harm us but I’m strongly against when this kind of partnership is turning into some kind of worship which is along other things really harming our prosperity.

For example, I’m afraid that under cover of making new reforms aimed to integrate Armenia with Europe will transform into another action agains our small business because when I asked the deputie of ministry of economics what do we have to dive up and what are we going to benefit, he remembered that we have a lot of stores that sell fake CDs and thus they harm intelectual property of someone… yeah dears, the main problem towerds integration is that fact that some businessmen in Armenia don’t follow the copywrite ethics!

Finally, I just want to remind our officials that no mateer how awsome can be the abstract europian values, the main value and the main interest for our government should be the citizen of Republic of Armenia and his/her interes. Everything else should be adjusted to this, while our officials to diametrally opposite things.

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