Georgia: a friend or foe?

Posted: Հոկտեմբերի 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The spirit of competition has always been on of the most crucial aspects throughout the history of our region. I don’t want to speak about the Armenian-Azerbaijani relationships in this particular article because it is a wholly different subject. I’m more interested now with Armenian-Georgian relationship.

Traditionally our nations are being observed as natural allies due to common religion, mentality and some cultural similarities, however, throughout the history, there were some episodes when both of the sides were not only unfriendly towards each other, but there were even cases when they were calling each other foes.

In our time, this kind of moods started to appear right after the crush of USSR, especially in Georgia, where at that time the president of the country was Gamsakhurdia, with his famous statement “Georgia for Georgians”. Since them some significant events, proved this doctrine, such as the participation of Georgia of the blockade of Armenia, decrease of ethnic Armenian population, problems with Armenian churches and historical monuments, etc.

Now days, Armenia  and Georgia belong to different geopolitical camps, although they maintain more or less acceptable partnership among themselves. However, the situation with the occasional relationships between our nations are not that easy. Although, there isn’t any Gamsakhurdia with his nationalistic policies, but a lot of Armenians still can not forget the event’s of early 90’s, they can not forget the blockade, they can not understand Georgia’s pro-Azerbaijani policy, they can not accept the situation with Armenian churches. Yet, Georgians were not that happy with us as well due to our partnership with Russia, because of Nagorno Karabakh, and sometimes just because they really don’t like us.

I myself have got some awesome Georgian friends, I even have a niece, who is half Armenian, half Georgian, I often visit Georgia and enjoy my time there, but I’m not satisfied with the level of the relationship between our states, because despite all the positive, I see a lot of negative and despite all the negative, I see a lot of positive. So what shall be done?

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